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get unstuck naming your startup

When you’re starting a new business, sometimes picking a name is the hardest part. The problem is you can’t do a whole lot until you make a decision. Our 1 Day® Brandstorm is a fun and interactive day of creativity and brainstorming! Work directly with the Bizzy Bizzy team to come up with the perfect name for your new business.

Who You Are:

  • You’re a start-up founder, entrepreneur, marketer, inventor, maker or business owner.
  • You’re just starting a new venture or are undertaking a rebranding.
  • You’re serious about scaling your business, so you need the brand name to be awesome!
  • You’re feeling stuck picking a name and can’t move forward until you’ve made a decision.

1 Day® Brandstorm – an idea party!

Our 1 Day® Brandstorm is a full-day Zoom session with branding professionals who have ideas and expertise coming out of their ears! Our collaborative and interactive brand-naming process will provide you:


    Professionals with the right skills to help you name your startups or businesses.


    Exercises and tools to bring out your own creativity.


    Tactics for securing the best domain names and social handles.


    Working knowledge of the trademarking and copyrighting processes.

What You Get

Here are some of the things you’ll take away:

  • Brand Archetype Evaluation
  • Brand Voice Assessment
  • A list of at least 25 potential names for your business
  • Brandstorm Top 5 Picks
  • Up to 10 tagline ideas
  • Basic competitor research and availability searches for your top 10 picks
  • Suggestions for photography, logo design or other elements of your brand.
  • Resources & links to get started with the trademarking process
  • Ownership and royalty-free rights to the final chosen name(s)