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You want a website design agency with experience. Bizzy Bizzy has it. We’ve created hundreds of one-of-a-kind WordPress websites for clients big and small. We’ve had the pleasure of working with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits to solopreneurs. And they have some awfully nice things to say!

WordPress Web Design Company Portfolio

A small sampling of what we can do for our clients.

Cedaron WordPress web design

Cedaron Custom WordPress Web Design Project

Cedaron outgrew their existing Hubspot website. The admin and user experience was bad, and it was difficult to navigate the large website. We redesigned the entire website from the ground up, with new copy, a fresh look, custom animations and a more intuitive navigation.

WBA WordPress web design

Wisconsin Bankers Association WordPress Web Design Project

Wisconsin Bankers Association’s massive legacy website on a proprietary platform wasn’t working for them any more. We assessed their needs, redesigned the site architecture and built a custom WordPress website in just 3 months using our 1 Day® Website Sprints model.

Nutzy Mutz WordPress Ecommerce Web Design Project

Nutzy Mutz WordPress Web Design Project

The Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz pet supply store wanted to redesign their old site and start selling their products online. We smoothly integrated the new website with their Lightspeed POS and inventory management system to sync products between the physical store and the website. Using our 1 Day® Website Sprints model, we launched their brand new WordPress website with 3,000 products in less than two weeks!

Center for Black Women WordPress Web Design Project

The Progress Center for Black WordPress Project

The Progress Center for Black Women rebranded, changed their nonprofit model and needed a website redesign to reflect their new look and focus on membership. During our 1 Day® Website with them, we created custom iconography to match their existing brand, and built a one-of-a-kind WordPress website to scale with their future needs.

nPoint WordPress web design

nPoint WordPress Web Design Project

Our client nPoint sells nanopositioning stages for research, OEM and industries. They wanted to showcase each of their dozens of products with detailed photos and specs, but they didn’t want to actually sell them online. We created a custom WordPress web design for them, and redesigned the site architecture to better optimize the website for their top SEO keywords.

Web designers on Zoom doing a 1 Day WordPress Website

The WordPress Web Design Process for You

Our innovative 1 Day® process provides the best web design experience possible for you, cutting hundreds of emails back and forth between you and your web design team.

Whether you hire us for a 1 Day® Website or a larger project with our 1 Day® Sprints methodology, we build every WordPress website to fit your needs and your budget. You’ll have direct access to the entire team of experts building your WordPress website in real time, from the Creative Director to the Writer to the Designer and Developer.

You get more than just a WordPress website.

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Branding is the foundation of every great web design. From establishing your Core Values, Brand Archetype and Brand Voice to professional logo design, we offer additional branding services to take your brand to the next level.

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Website Planning

Sitemapping and wireframe planning ensures your website information architecture is intuitive. With intelligent design and proper planning, your website will be easy to navigate.

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Design Mockup

During a 1 Day Website, you review a graphic mockup of your home page so you can provide feedback on the design and layout before we start coding. Our professional web designers use UX / UI best practices and industry tools to create beautiful branded designs.

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Custom Graphics

Custom iconography and graphics based on your brand guidelines and created by professionals make your WordPress website truly one of a kind. Bonus: You are free to use any assets we create on other marketing materials!

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Custom WordPress Child Theme

You’ll get a one-of-a-kind WordPress child theme that we’ll customize to your brand standards. We’ll create branded reusable elements and custom stylesheets so you can create stunning content yourself in the future.

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Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

Our web developers use advanced coding techniques to adjust the size and layout of text, photos and columns on your website to ensure it is optimized on all mobile devices.

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Discovery Interview

You’ll dive deep into a discovery session with our web team that includes your values, your story, your aesthetic tastes, your customers and your business goals. With our interactive brand tools, we’ll get to the heart of your startup and make it shine online.

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Professional Copy Writing

You’ll get original content written by our professional copywriters. We leverage your Discovery Interview, Brand Archetype results and SEO best practices to create copy that connects to your audience and converts them.

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Search Engine Optimization

With every WordPress website we build, we start with keyword research and focus on on-page optimization and other WordPress SEO techniques. Plus, we create Google My Business and Bing Local profiles so you show up on the map.

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Social Media Integration

Your digital web presence is connected. We make sure to link your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles so you can grow your audience. Need a Facebook Pixel installed or a live Twitter feed? We’ve got you covered.

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Email Marketing Integration

You’ll capture leads on your website with sign-up forms we integrate to your email marketing software. If you don’t have one, we’ll set you up with a Mailchimp account!

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Your site will work! We have a rigorous quality assurance process to test the forms, integrations, functionality and user experience on desktop, tablet and mobile and a variety of browsers.

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WordPress Training

You’ll learn to add a blog, change images and update text on your site. We provide training on the WordPress interface to make sure you and your staff are comfortable doing the most essential things on your website.

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Security & Analytics

We set up every WordPress website with important security practices to keep your website safe. Plus we install Google Analytics so you can track user behavior, site traffic and page performance.

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Hosting & Domain Management

New to websites? We’ll help you set up website hosting and get your new website up and running on the domain of your choosing. We’ll make sure you have the passwords you need and promise to give you full control of your accounts.

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Post Launch Website Maintenance

Continued peace of mind. We offer optional WordPress website maintenance and support Care Plans so you can rest easy knowing your software and security updates are being made. We’ll be there for quick questions and major updates.

WordPress Website on a laptop

Why We Use WordPress

There are a lot of reasons we love WordPress and have been building websites with it for over a decade.

The top reasons we love WordPress are:

  1. WordPress is open source software
  2. WordPress is infinitely scalable
  3. WordPress is infinitely customizable
  4. WordPress has awesome built-in SEO
  5. WordPress software is *free* 

WordPress is the most popular website-building platform in the world. In fact, WordPress is used by 38.6% of all websites on the Internet and 63.6% of all the websites with a known content management system (CMS), according to W3Tech.  Wow!

The fact that it’s popular is great for you. That means there are any number of WordPress web design companies who can help you now and in the future, so you’re not committing yourself to us for the rest of your life. With that said, we still hope you’ll tattoo our logo on your neck once we’re done with your project.

To learn more, read our exhaustive article about why WordPress is the best web design platform.

1 Day Logo

Our Unique Process

How can we do projects in a day that take other WordPress web design companies? Glad you asked! We’ll tell you. We designed a totally unique 1 Day® process. We work in real time with our clients for most projects to achieve extraordinary results in surprisingly little time.

Certified 1 Day Website WordPress Web Design Agency
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We don’t believe in doing what everyone has always done. Our methods are totally innovative and unique. We have developed proprietary tools to get the job done more quickly. Once you see how much more effective working with us is, you may never want to go back to the other way of doing things.

Exploration Compass Graphic


All our services start out with a discovery session that includes deep diving into your values, your story, your aesthetic tastes, your customers and your business goals. This is how we get to know you, and sometimes through this exploration, you even get to know yourself!

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We’re big on technology around here, but we know technology can’t replace the efficiency of real-time, human-to-human communication. We prefer to work in real time with our clients either in person or via all-day teleconference sessions. We believe in real collaboration, high touch service and creating unforgettable experiences.

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For each project, we bring in an awesome team that may include web designers, graphic designers or writers who have specialized skills. By having real-time, high-energy collaboration, our approach is incredibly productive and powerful. Best of all, you truly get to participate in the creative process.

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We don’t believe in cutting corners. We distilled our process down to exactly what we know startups need, and we pride ourselves on quality. We invented a better process that works for fast-growing businesses. We cut out the inefficiency of hundreds of emails back and forth of the traditional web design and logo design process to accelerate your success.

Our Tools to Accelerate Your WordPress Web Design Project

Our interactive 1 Day tools make your website design more efficient, branded and fun!

Core Value Cards App

Define your core values with our interactive exercise. Choose your top 5 values from 150 options!

Wireframe Kit

Get ideas, prioritize and organize the most important content for your WordPress website.

Bizzy Bizzy Wireframe Kit

Font Finder Cards

Quickly identify fonts you like (and don’t like) by sorting through our deck of Font Finder Cards.

Bizzy Bizzy Font Cards

Brand Voice Exercise

Determining your startups’ brand voice characteristics helps our writers ensure the tone of your website’s writing is consistent and on brand.

Brand Voice Exercise App