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Serious websites for serious startups in one day. Seriously!

Our 1 Day® Website process makes it easy for you to get a professional website. Using our proprietary 1 Day® process, we collaborate in real time with you on Zoom and cut out the painful back-and-forth emailing and start-and-stop projects.

Your team of web design experts could include a Creative Director, a Writer, a Graphic Designer and a Web Developer devoted completely to your project for the day.

Small project? Get a website in a day! Big project? We’ll schedule as many 1 Day® Sprints as we need to do it right. Launch faster and start getting results!

“We were incredibly fortunate to have Bizzy Bizzy put together our website. To date I have received many compliments from clients on how professional the website looks and how easy it is to navigate. The SEO improvements made by Bizzy Bizzy to our website allowed several new clients to find us via Google search and allowed us to sign a couple of new clients who ended up placing enough work to cover all our employees salaries for the year. Having a great website and SEO was a huge return on investment for our company.”

“I cannot recommend Bizzy Bizzy and their process more. Websites can be frustrating and long processes. But with [their team], I find that stress level go way down. The one-day concept to get a website going is amazing and allows me to work with her on a range of projects for my clients. The product quality is also great! If you are looking for a great website, a great price, and a quick process. I recommend Bizzy Bizzy.”

“The team at Bizzy Bizzy is amazing. They have helped us on three projects – security, SEO optimization and most recently, redesigning a website. We’ve been very happy with each aspect of work from them. Our website looks great! They are quick to respond for assistance. Strongly recommend this great local business.”

“The team at Bizzy Bizzy were absolutely phenomenal!  They took our content and website to a new level and our website now effectively communicates the value that we bring to clients!  A best-in-class team of professionals that I would recommend to anyone looking to ramp up their online presence!”

“Wow. Wow. I am so grateful and blown away by the talent and professionalism that you brought to the table today. You by far exceeded my expectations (and they were high to begin with)! I am so proud and excited by what we created together today. A million thanks! I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Thank YOU, for creatively coming up with a way to make the whole process FUN! You are amazing!!!”

Our 1 Day® Website Tools Accelerate Your Brand

We’ve developed unique tools and a process that make our 1 Day Website efficient, interactive and fun!

Core Value Cards App

Define your personal, company or organizational core values by using our fun and interactive app!

Color Palette Design

If you’ve got brand guidelines, perfect! If not, we’ll create a winning color palette that reflects your brand and is easy to read.

Picking website colors during a 1 Day® Website with Bizzy Bizzy

Font Finder App

Quickly identify fonts you like (and don’t like) by looking through these web-friendly fonts. Choose a primary font that matches your brand and an easy-to-ready body font on the second step.

Picking website fonts during a 1 Day® Website with Bizzy Bizzy

Brand Voice Exercise

Determining your startups’ brand voice characteristics helps our writers ensure the tone of your website’s writing is consistent and on brand.

Brand Voice Exercise App

How Does a 1 Day® Website Work?

We guide you through the process of creating a high quality, one-of-a-kind website with your feedback in real time! You’ll work with experts live on Zoom for an all-day session. Here’s how a day might go:

  • We kick the day off with a Discovery Meeting to go through logistics and learn about you and your brand
  • Our Designer creates a mood board with color and font options, photo inspiration and graphics based on your brand and preferences
  • Our Developer codes a one-of-a-kind WordPress theme, installs plugins and integrates important accounts
  • We review the website to get any ideas and feedback you may have
  • By the end of the day, we’ve got everything we need from you to create a website you’ll love!
  • We normally spend the next business day finishing up content, polishing the design and doing quality assurance.
  • Then you set up a separate training session to learn how to make changes to your site.
  • If you would like to sign on for a Website Care Plan, we’d love to continue to support you and your website!

Your 1 Day® team could include a writer, a creative director, a graphic designer and a web developer, depending on your needs and budget.

If you have a site larger than 5 pages or complex functionality, you’ll likely need more than 1 1 Day® Sprint.

Listen to a behind-the-scenes interview about how and why we developed our 1 Day® Website process.

How to Get a 1 Day Website

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Fill out our form with some basic info about your website project.

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We’ll email you some info and schedule a time to chat.

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You sign a proposal and submit a deposit to reserve your date.

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You work with our team to build your website. It couldn’t be easier!