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It used to take months to build a WordPress website. But now with our innovative 1 Day™ Website, the Bizzy Bizzy team can create a one-of-a-kind WordPress website for you in just one day! For a typical website, you’ll work with a creative director, graphic designer, web developer and writer devoted completely to your project. We collaborate in real time with you to distill weeks of work into one day using our proprietary 1 Day™ process. Avoid dozens of overwhelming back-and-forth emails and weeks going by with no progress. Get a best-in-class WordPress website developed with a research-backed process and your direct participation! It never felt so good to check something off your list.

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Note: Due to the COVID pandemic, we are offering all our 1 Day Services virtually via videoconference until further notice. 

“The website is so beautiful. This is the face of my business and I could not have entrusted it into better hands to create. I just want you to know how VERY much I appreciate your creative problem solving, commitment, hard work, vision alignment and overall education as you have walked me through this very intricate process with a sense of humor, ease and understanding.  The team at Bizzy Bizzy has more than delivered on my expectations and I could not be happier!”

“I cannot recommend Bizzy Bizzy and their process more. Websites can be frustrating and long processes. But with Candy and her team, I find that stress level go way down. The one-day concept to get a website going is amazing and allows me to work with her on a range of projects for my clients. The product quality is also great! If you are looking for a great website, a great price, and a quick process. I recommend Bizzy Bizzy.”

“Candy Phelps and the team at Bizzy Bizzy were absolutely phenomenal!  They took our content and website to a new level and our website now effectively communicates the value that we bring to clients!  A best-in-class team of professionals that I would recommend to anyone looking to ramp up their online presence!”

“Wow. Wow. I am so grateful and blown away by the talent and professionalism that you brought to the table today. You by far exceeded my expectations (and they were high to begin with)! I am so proud and excited by what we created together today. A million thanks! I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Thank YOU, for creatively coming up with a way to make the whole process FUN! You are amazing!!!”

“We loved working with Candy and her team for our website redesign! The concept of a 1 Day Website session seemed both simple and daunting but it went smoothly – I recommend it. Overall we had a very positive experience with Bizzy Bizzy!”

Proprietary Tools & Interactive Exercises to Accelerate Your Success

We’ve developed tools and a process that make our 1 Day Website efficient, interactive and fun!

Core Value Cards App

Define your personal, company or organizational core values by sorting our deck of 150 colorful cards in a fun and interactive exercise.

Wireframe Kit

Get ideas, prioritize and organize the most important content for your website. Our Bizzy Bizzy Wireframe Kit makes creating a skeleton of the home page a fun and collaborative affair.

Bizzy Bizzy Wireframe Kit

Font Finder Cards

Quickly identify fonts you like (and don’t like) by sorting through our deck of 50 Bizzy Bizzy Font Finder Cards.

Bizzy Bizzy Font Cards

Pantone Swatchbook

Picking out colors in person from a Pantone Swatchbook lets you get the exact colors you want and helps you avoid color variation with future printing projects.

Bizzy Bizzy Pantone swatch book
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Nothin’ But 5 Stars

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Just check out our Bizzy Bizzy’s 1 Day Website Google reviews to hear what some of our happy customers have to say!

We don’t have interns. We have experts.

Other web design companies outsource work across the globe or have interns doing most of the work. At Bizzy Bizzy, you’ll work with experts, and your website will be made in Madison, Wisconsin, right in homefront of you! Our typical team of experienced professionals includes a writer, a creative director, a graphic designer and a web developer, depending on your needs and budget. We guide you through the process of creating a high quality, one-of-a-kind WordPress website with your feedback in real time! Because all the members of the Bizzy Bizzy team of are focused solely on your project and working simultaneously, we can distill months of website development work into one action-packed day!

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How to Get a 1 Day Website

Step 1

Fill out our simple form with some basic information about your website project and business.

Step 2

We’ll email you some more info and schedule a time to meet or chat on the phone to discuss your project to make sure it’s a good fit.

Step 3

When you’re ready to move forward, you send in a signed proposal and deposit to reserve your date.

Step 4

You come to our office to work with our team to build your website. It couldn’t be easier!

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“We wanted to thank you for all of your help and we completely believe in the 1 Day Website process! You made it possible for us to launch our company in the time frame that we set, chose the perfect logo, and made it financially possible. Mostly we really appreciate the support you all gave us during our website day and beyond.”
“I LOVE how easy it now is for me to make changes and maintain!!!”
“Thank you to the pros at [Bizzy Bizzy] for designing, writing, and building such a fabulous website IN ONE DAY. It’s everything I wanted and more!”
“Thank you and your team so much for what we accomplished yesterday. This is exactly what I was looking for when I first contacted you. The process and results couldn’t have been better. We now have a medium to communicate and document a new phase in our lives. Quite exciting.”
“I am really happy with the process of the [1 day] branding & [1 day] website. Working with you and your team was super. And it was great to have all of it completed in a short period of time, with my involvement. I walked away with a basic knowledge of how to update my site, which is always great to have some autonomy. I love the whole experience!”
“I worked the Candy and her team of professionals to create a new website for my Landscape Lighting company. I admit I was skeptical about the 1 Day Web site, but with great preparation and direction from Candy, the site was complete and I walked out with a new, live web site at 6:02 pm. Carly, Josh, Matt and Jose are all very talented and work together diligently to make the whole process an enjoyable experience.”

“I love my website. My web team was very experienced and knowledgeable about all of the aspects I wanted in my website. They were able to understand my vision for content and functionality and bring it life with excellence and expediency. I highly recommend the Bizzy Bizzy team and will certainly work with them in the future. I’ve already recommended them to my friends and associates.”