1 Day Startup logo design and website design

Website design for fast-growing companies

It used to take months to build a website. But now with our innovative 1 Day® Website, the Bizzy Bizzy team can create a one-of-a-kind website for your startup in a fraction of the time.

Your team could include a creative director, graphic designer, web developer and writer devoted completely to your project. We collaborate in real time with you to distill weeks of work into one day using our proprietary 1 Day® process.

Avoid dozens of back-and-forth emails and weeks going by with no progress. Get a best-in-class website developed with lean startup best practices and your participation!

“I cannot say enough about the talent, professionalism and integrity of the team at Bizzy Bizzy. They really are “busy” making the world a better place! They have provided website development services for several organizations with which I am affiliated, and their work has consistently been fast, efficient, accurate and creative. Also, they consistently go beyond expectations. Thank goodness for Bizzy Bizzy!”

“Our community-based organization had a great experience with Bizzy Bizzy. We participated in the one-day design workshop. They provided us with information about what we needed to prep beforehand. With just a few hours of work before, and working together on that day, we have a beautiful website with all of the functionality we need. We were also taught how to edit and update it. Both the format and feel of the site was perfect for our group because they spent time with us, asking questions and really getting to know us. We are very grateful to Bizzy Bizzy for working with us. Their support will move our group forward and the website will serve us for many years to come.”

The Bizzy Bizzy team was extremely informative and had me prepared for our day of web design.  I found the day to help me learn so much about my new venture. The team worked so well together and was calm and patient (I’m not so computer saavy)….They all collaborate so well,  have such innovative thoughts and work so quickly!   I was in awe at what they had done at the end of 1 day!  They have this process down to a science and their expertise is priceless!  Thank you to all of you for your hard work and dedication to making sure this website was perfect!

1 Day Startup for Ice Cream Parlor and Coffee Shop

1 Day Startup Logo Design for Bruce & Ollies

Nothin’ But 5 Stars

Bizzy Bizzy's 1 Day Website Reviews on Google

Just check out our Bizzy Bizzy’s 1 Day Website Google reviews to hear what some of our happy customers have to say about our 1 Day Startups!

Proprietary Tools & Interactive Exercises to Accelerate Your Success

We’ve developed tools and a process that make our 1 Day Startup websites and logos efficient, interactive and fun!

Core Value Cards App

Define your personal, company or organizational core values by sorting our deck of 150 colorful cards in a fun and interactive exercise.

Wireframe Kit

Get ideas, prioritize and organize the most important content for your website. Our Bizzy Bizzy Wireframe Kit makes creating a skeleton of the home page a fun and collaborative affair.

Bizzy Bizzy Wireframe Kit

Font Finder Cards

Quickly identify fonts you like (and don’t like) by sorting through our deck of 50 Bizzy Bizzy Font Finder Cards.

Bizzy Bizzy Font Cards

Brand Voice Exercise

Determining your startups’ brand voice characteristics helps our writers ensure the tone of your website’s writing is consistent and on brand.

Brand Voice Exercise App

We don’t have interns. We have experts.

Other web design companies outsource work across the globe or have interns doing most of the work. At Bizzy Bizzy, you’ll work with experts, and your website will be made in Madison, Wisconsin. Our typical team of experienced professionals includes a writer, a creative director, a graphic designer and a web developer, depending on your needs and budget. We guide you through the process of creating a high quality, one-of-a-kind website with your feedback in real time! Because all the members of the Bizzy Bizzy team of are focused solely on your project and working simultaneously, we can distill months of website development work into one action-packed day!

Listen to a behind-the-scenes interview about how and why we developed our 1 Day® process.

How to Get a 1 Day Website

Step 1

Fill out our form with some basic info about your website project.

Step 2

We’ll email you some info and schedule a time to chat.

Step 3

You sign a proposal and submit a deposit to reserve your date.

Step 4

You work with our team to build your website. It couldn’t be easier!