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digital marketing strategy session and training

Our 1 Day™ Digital is a digital marketing strategy session with our team devoted to you for an entire day. This isn’t a DIY workshop or group training. You’ll work directly with our digital marketing strategists on your social media, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, blogging, content marketing and more!

Who You Are:

  • You’re a marketer, start-up founder or entrepreneur who has been relying heavily on digital marketing and digital ads to drive business.
  • You’ve been hustling on your social media, blogging and email marketing, but you’re wondering why it’s not working better.
  • You want to optimize your digital marketing and determine how best to spend your limited time and money.

Our 1 Day™ Digital service will help you get results, save time and money!

Our Bizzy Work™ process is one-of-a-kind! Join us for:
Innovation | Exploration | Communication | Collaboration | Acceleration

1 day™ digital – a party for your digital marketing

Our 1 Day™ Digital is a full-day session with 3 marketing strategists. The outcomes of this collaborative and interactive process are:


    A clearer picture your existing digital marketing efforts (what’s working and what’s not).


    Our digital strategists will provide you with training, tips and tricks so you can make the most of your time and ad budget.


    A strategic plan with a timeline and action items created just for your business that you can use going forward to improve your digital marketing.

What You Get

You’ll walk away not only with ideas and information, but also hard data and a concrete plan created for your business by you and three professional digital marketers. Here’s just a few of the things you’ll take away:

  • Analytics
  • Content Marketing Ideas
  • Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research
  • Helpful Videos and Resources
  • Templates & Cheat Sheets
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Action Plan


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