Bizzy Bizzy Cocktail Recipes

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Graphic illustration of Bizzy Bizzy Brandy Mash Up

The Fizzy Bizzy Brandy Smash


4 to 6 | fresh mint leaves
1 tsp | superfine sugar
1/2 oz | club soda
2 oz | brandy


Get your muddler out and a sturdy glass. Drop in those fresh mint leaves, pour in that sugar, and a splash of the club soda.

Take out some stress and muddle that little concoction all up.

Add your brandy. We recommend the standard favorite of Wisconsinites, Korbel, or if you’re looking for something a little different, Ausbach.

Top off with club soda.

Make it pretty with an orange, cherry, and fresh mint sprig garnish.

Sit down and get bizzy relaxing.