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Video Tutorial: Building a Page in WordPress with the Avia Layout Builder in Enfold

This video tutorial shows you how to make a rad looking pages in WordPress with columns, images, text, and all sorts of cool bells and whistles. But these features are not all built into WordPress itself. Most of what we show in this video is coming from the Enfold WordPress theme, which you can buy […]

Enfold Theme Dashboard and Logo Resizing

Enfold Theme Dashboard and Logo Resizing

iCandy Academy  explains the Enfold theme dashboard, and teaches you how to re-size your logo for placement on your website.6 Enfold Theme Dashboard and Logo Resizing When we activated the Enfold Theme it brought us to this page with the Enfold Theme options. If you need to get back to this page at a later […]

iCandy Video Tutorials

How to Remove the Suggested Videos at the End of a YouTube Video

Have you ever noticed when you embed a video from YouTube into your WordPress page or blog post, there are (sometimes strange) videos that show when you’re video is over? Most of the times you don’t want this to happen because you can’t control which videos are displayed. Here’s how you prevent those videos from showing […]