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Anatomy of a Search Engine Results Page, The SERP

  Search engines are constantly scanning and indexing millions of websites and evaluating countless factors to calculate the most relevant websites to return for the specific keywords for which a user is searching. A keyword could be a single word: “tulips,” a phrase: “world’s best tulips,” or an entire question: “What are the best conditions […]

Introduction, Search Engines & SEO

The world wide web holds over a trillion pages, according to Wired magazine founder Kevin Kelly1. About 570 new websites are created every minute, says one PC Magazine study. These numbers are as difficult to comprehend as they are to quantify. There is a mind boggling amount of information on the Internet, and more is […]

Organization Is Important, Architecture & Navigation

Your garden and website should be well planned, organized and easy to get around. The goal is to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. In a garden, grouping related plants (i.e. herbs) in one area makes it easy for people to find what interests them. Providing maps and signage […]

Good Design Gets You Far, Design & Audio Visual Content

Your garden and website should be well designed and full of beautiful and stimulating content. Your website’s template is like your overall garden blueprint; your visual content is like individual plants or specific types of gardens within the larger garden. The goal is to maximize engagement and delight visitors. Using the proper spacing, hierarchy, symmetry, […]

Longevity Is An Advantage, History & Authority

Building your garden’s reputation as a destination is not something that happens overnight, just as building your website search engine authority takes time. The goal is to stick around in the same place long enough to allow things to develop and to be able to leverage your longevity. The longer your garden is around, the […]

Relevance Is Imperative, Research & Audience

UPDATE: This article was updated on Sept. 12, 2016 to reflect new announcements about Google’s Keyword Planner tool. See below for details. There is no sense in planting a palm tree in Wisconsin, just as there is no sense in creating content about Beyoncé on a gardening website. The goal is to provide a wide […]

Easy Access Is Critical, Speed & Accessibility

Even if you have a magnificent garden or website, if it is difficult for visitors to access, your traffic count will suffer. The goal should be to make your garden and website easy to access for everyone. If there is limited parking and a 20-minute wait time to enter your garden, many people will simply […]