Content Planning for Your WordPress Website

Content Planning for Your WordPress Website

It’s important before building your own WordPress website to plan the pages, text and images that you will have on your site. Watch this video for website content planning techniques. Better description here Watch the video below for the full tutorial on content planning for your WordPress website.   Content Planning for Your WordPress Website One […]


Good Design Gets You Far, Design & Audio Visual Content

Your garden and website should be well designed and full of beautiful and stimulating content. Your website’s template is like your overall garden blueprint; your visual content is like individual plants or specific types of gardens within the larger garden. The goal is to maximize engagement and delight visitors. Using the proper spacing, hierarchy, symmetry, […]


Longevity Is An Advantage, History & Authority

Building your garden’s reputation as a destination is not something that happens overnight, just as building your website search engine authority takes time. The goal is to stick around in the same place long enough to allow things to develop and to be able to leverage your longevity. The longer your garden is around, the […]

Enfold Theme Dashboard and Logo Resizing

Self Publishing Tips & Resources

If you want to write a book and are considering self-publishing, check out these resources, tips and tricks about self publishing with Amazon’s CreateSpace. Download the handout from our presentation Amazon Self Publishing 101. These tips and tricks were compiled by Rachel Keranan and Candy Phelps: Amazon Self Publishing Tips & Tricks   You can also download […]